Georgia Highlands College Is Completely MENTAL!!!!

As of this morning I found out that Georgia Highlands College has decided that they are going to increase the Athletic fee for next year, and the years beyond that. How do I feel about such an increase in something that I don’t even care enough to use? NOT. AT. ALL. I can’t even wrap my mind around how inane and idea like this is, because it is not as if we will ever be among the top tier schools that people actually give half a shit about anyway. Maybe this is a good thing for those students who actually play sports, but let’s be realistic here people. Those who play sports are going to probably go to a school where they can get a scholarship and paid for being on television playing against other teams at the collegiate level that are cared about. Who is seriously going to want to watch a community college play baseball on tv? No one except those few fanatics who are just so obsessed with the game that they have to watch absolutely every team out there no matter how insipid.

Something that I really thing GHC (Georgia Highlands College) could use is a lean toward the Arts that has yet to be seen there. At this moment the school has an all new student center equipped with a nice gym that can be used by everyone, but this is obviously something for the athletic students in the way of basketball and tennis games. The Arts, as of this moment, are far behind in this school as a whole. What about those students like us who love to act, sing, or draw? Those of us who have an entire background in something like that who are not even given the courtesy of a class of the chorus, theatre, or painting/ drawing persuasion? They have chosen to gift only a small portion of the students with something that, yes they would probably like to have, but on a whole only benefits a small portion of the student body. GHC is a community college, and my specific campus is in a community that is rich in high school theatre, chorus, and art programs through out the city/county. I am not saying that these programs are only benefiting a small amount of people either, because, of course, they would as well, but I only see it as far if someone else is being given something to promote community in the school then it should be equal all around.

There is a possibility that I would take advantage of the athletics program if I were forced to do so, but, honestly, I have never been of the coordinated class of individuals who are able to play any sort of sport for very long with out ending the day on my ass about 5 or six times. In a theatre or chorus class, however, I can more than hold my own. I guess what I am trying to say is that I came to GHC to be counted as more of an equal among the student body as opposed to being at Berry College where I was the complete opposite, and I am getting the complete opposite, but more in being slighted by an athletics program we have no need for.


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