The Curse

The old grandfather clock had been in that house for as long as I could remember. According to my parents it had been much longer than any of us had been alive in the family, including my grandparents. I had always been urged to keep away from it by everyone, they probably were worried I’d get a splinter or something. They have always been way too over protective of me. Maybe it didn’t help that I was constantly finding some way or other to get myself injured. Regardless, the clock had always held some sort of compulsion over me, and still did. Even to this day.

Magnificent was this old grandfather clock. The design was elegant, and had been crafted by some one more gifted than myself. The body looked like that of an hourglass almost, but just slightly. Beautifully hypnotizing hands stared back at me from it’s gleaming face of polished quartz, or whatever gem they would have used back then. This clock was standing solidly against the wall, and the dark brown tone of the wall took away the harsher edge of the ebony-colored wood used to construct the clock. Where the sides sank in just a bit of a curved hourglass shape were a few additional piece of wood that twisted, turned, curved and spiraled into an intricate design that gave the observer much more to look at than just an old clock.

Long ago, it had been said, a curse had been placed on the clock. Perhaps hat was the reason the huge, Victorian house of my ancestors still stood as it did today? In reality, a building so old, and uncared for should have dissolved into disarray long ago, but still the place looked new. Inviting even. Why was I here again anyway? Oh! I was supposed to come by and retrieve the  notice that had been place on the front door. My mind hadn’t stopped screaming at me until I came in to see the clock again though. So here I stood.

Was it just my imagination, or had something moved in the face just now? It almost looked like…. There it was again! A small little shape dashing across the numbered plate the had hung off of.

Creeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaak! What was that!? I whirled around away from the beautiful clock to find a door swinging open. A passing breeze? One of the windows must be open somewhere. Old houses always got really cold easily, so I just shrugged and turned back around to the clock.

While doing this, I realized that it had been a while that I had been staring at the thing of utmost interest to me. Nearly two hours had gone by during my silent musings, and where it had once been late afternoon it was very nearly dark outside. I was going to be killed by my mother’s wrath if I stayed much longer. It was against the rules for me to even enter here without my parents for whatever reason. Such a dumb rule as I’m already 19!

At the exact moment I had decided to it was time to go that creak came back, but I ignored it completely since something altogether more interesting was happening with the clock. It seemed to have begun to… to… glow? It felt as though the piece of machinery were staring at me in a predatory way.

Selena……” a voice called out to me from no where and yet everywhere at at once. “Selena…..” it called again. Tick. Tick. Tick. Was the….? Was the clock speaking to me?

“There comes a day when your line shall end as it began. Stolen from you as you once stole from me the one who would continue my own family line.” a voice rather hoarse and thin spoke.

Suddenly, the clock opened and something pushed me forcefully inside the door of it. That was the last I remember before I never remembered anything again.

That very next day, the house was demolished and all of Selena’s remaining family followed her into the dark. Thus ended the blood line of Edgethers.


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