Are You SERIOUS!!??

…. no I’m Severus…..


lol no but seriously…

Something has been forming inside my head for the past few hours, and I just have to let it out. Today I will not be using my free write time to write an interesting little story, because I feel a rant coming on. While I was on that lovely social site known as Facebook I saw a post that really made me want to unleash on the person, but instead I ground my teeth together though I really wanted to just scream in this idiot girl’s face. “I want him to be my Edward Cullen ❤ :)”. This, my dears, was the post that made me lose it. I will keep names out of this for the sake of the person who said the most asinine statement I have ever heard in my life. Perhaps some people will ask what is wrong with the statement that this girl put as her status, my answer is…. EVERY. DAMN. THING!!!!!!

Edward Cullen, the most ‘brilliant‘ creation by one Stephanie Meyer, is something that absolutely every girl should want. If they want to have an abuse idiot that is. He will play with your emotions (which the main female character lacks a great deal of), leave your ass in a damn forest, and then come back to put his demonic spawn in you. This spawn will rip through your organs, causing you to die, and then your love will turn you into a soul-less, blood sucking leech for the rest of eternity. Yes, that should definitely be every girl’s dream man…. People never cease to amaze me with all the stupid shit they say. If my love interest wanted to go all Jeffery Dahmer on me then I would be packing my things, and leaving town as fast as I could. When Buffy comes looking for your ass don’t get all upset that no one fucking cares.

Stephanie Meyer ruined paranormal literature when she created this farce called Twilight with the damn pixie version of Renfield. No, I will not even give these things the right to be associated with Dracula, because Dracula drank human blood… Renfield ate insects. Next I’ll be seeing, “I want him to be my Christian Grey” the damn kinky version of Edward. For all the people who live under a rock out there and don’t already know, 50 Shades of Idiocy (or 50 Shades of Grey for those who actually give a shit) is nothing more than Twilight fan fiction. A badly written one at that. Seriously, a dyslexic monkey with a keyboard as a type writer could come up with something better. I didn’t actually read this poor excuse for literature, but for what I saw when I thumbed through the book as my mom was reading it… the entire thing is just as badly structure as the parent book it was conceived from.

The point of this rant was to address the extreme stupidity of the people in my generation who actually want to model themselves after Twilight, perhaps one of the worse books to be written in years. Tomorrow I will probably be back with something more creative than this, but as this is a free writing thing for class I couldn’t stop myself from writing this as soon as it started filling up the page.


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