Sarina Slytherin



As if my profile wasn’t enough to tell someone which door I would obviously choose, but I shall specify regardless

The door I approach is rather plain in what the wood looks like, but there is a distinct magical hum that seems to pulsate through the wood of the nondescript light brown door. ‘Hogwarts’ it states above this powerful door. Slowly, holding my very breath, I open this door, and a whoosh of cold air rushes out to meet me.

“Wintertime….” I breathe out the words softly, how could I have possibly forgotten that it was winter in my world too?

“Welcome… here you shall choose the timeline you wish to enter into, but choose wisely, for you will only be given such a decision once.” a disembodied voice warned me in a booming voice, and had I been less of a person than I truly was then it would have possibly frightened me. As it was, I was extremely wary of the voice already.

“Of which points in time can I choose from?” I asked the voice, looking nowhere in particular for the speaker.

“You may return to the Beginning, when Hogwarts was first created by the four founders Helena Hufflepuff, Rowena Ravenclaw, Godrick Gryffindor, and Salazar Slytherin. The next would be as The Marauders were finishing their years of school, and the last would be just before the Battle of Hogwarts.” the voice intoned softly, yet it was impossible not to have heard the voice speak perfectly.

My first instinct was to go to either of the latter times when my favorite character had actually been alive. ‘I refuse to accept the ending of the story where it speaks of Severus Snape dying in such a degrading way.’ My heart pulled one way, but my brain another. Eventually, I made my decision.

“The Beginning, if you please.” I finally voiced.

“As you wish, Miss Slytherin.” the voice said, and before I could question the name it had called me, it was gone.

Suddenly, bright-white, blinding light erupted around me, and everything that had existed in the nothingness of the dark room dissolved. It felt like I had fallen from a great height when a bed materialized out in the middle of the white. As I hit this bed I grew dizzy and was out like a light.


Sarina, only living child of the famous Salazar Slytherin, awoke on a day that was not unlike any other. The sole difference between waking up today and other other had been the strange dream.

‘I must be going crazy at last…’ Sarina thought to herself wearily as she shoved the heavy duvet from her bed away. Standing, she went over everything that had happened in the strange dream. ‘It was as if I had been an entirely different person. A girl who stood among seven doors, each different from the rest.’ she thought, quickly dressing herself for the day to come. Salazar had been extra eager of late since the school would open after all were awake today.

“Hogwarts…” Sarina whispered out loud with barely contained wonder. It was one of the most grand castles to have ever graced the world. The structure’s beauty rivaled even that of the Slytherin home.

‘In my dream, that girl seemed to have known much of Hogwarts. A muggle? She certainly had not seemed very magical at all.’ It almost felt as if the girl had been from a time far away from the one Sarina now knew. ‘Strange…’

“Sarina? Are you awake yet, dearest daughter mine? ” a voice called from beyond a door that sequestered Sarina into her quarters.

“Of course, Father. As always, I wake with the first burst of light from the beautiful sky.” Sarina called back at the most beloved voice of her life. “Give me one moment more, and I sahll be down to break my fast with you.”

“I shall be awaiting your company then, Sarina.” Salazar said as he made the trek down the elegant spiral staircase in his home to the dinning room which had already been set for the day’s first meal.


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