Dearling House

Emilie felt alone. She had always been the little demoness that her parents had doted on to others. Love had always been a part of her life, but that had been taken away from her suddenly. ‘Father is death, and Mother may as well have followed him.’ Emile though to herself as she looked over to the corner of the sitting room that her mother was currently occupying.

Mister Dearling had met his end by contracting a human disease that almost every demon or demoness was immune to. “Not enough travel between the planes– realms– of existence would have made his immune system become lax to certain illnesses.” the doctor had explained as the cause for such a sudden on-set of the human tuberculosis disease. “You and little Emilie do not need to worry about catching it, however. With all of the off-plane outings you two divulge in there’s not much that could harm either of you.”

Treatments for the disease had been tried, but the internal working of both species were so different. “For all we know, that damn quack of a doctor has been the one to really kill him!!” her mother had cursed the man to the Escape (what demons knew as the afterworld) and back for what she perceived as his fault.

What had made Emilie so alone, however, was that she had also been an outlet for her mother’s wrath. Emile was now the age of sixteen, and was allowed to leave the realm of her home without her parents. That last time she had done plane-travel she had commented that she felt slightly off kilter. A night of sleep had cured all of the sickness that had followed her back, but her father had been another matter entirely.

“How dare you bring human diseases home!? Your father could now very well die because of your idiocy!!” her mother had done nothing aside from shriek at Emilie for day afterward. Not that Emile blamed her at all for the anger, but it was not as if she had meant to get her father sick. It had been bad enough to wallow in her own guilt without having it tripled.

‘Mother will now only respond if the speaker is persistent enough, or to shoot me dirty looks from the perch she has chosen in the massive house.’ Emilie thought bitterly to herself. ‘Of the nearly fifteen rooms here she chooses the sitting room. Probably because it had been the one Father had frequented the most while alive.’

This day, however, Emilie’s mother decided to actually turn ad speak to her daughter for the first time in a few days. “I have been thinking, Emilie, perhaps we should find more suitable arrangements for you now that you are of age.” ‘And I am tired of being reminded of how much I hate you.’ though that last part went unsaid.

“If that is as you wish it, mother.” Emilie replied, barely keeping herself from voicing all of the anger she kept inside.

“It is…”

Emilie refused to reply to something that needed no reply.

“There is a rather lovely little wooded copse a little distance from this house.I have already purchased the home that rest inside the clearing. You shall be its owner by the end of this day.” the demoness said, despite being weak and weary, with a voice that spoke of finality.

Emilie’s dark brown hair flamed a deep red color that seemed to math puddles of blood. It was a color that spoke of the anger and the death that would have been cast on anyone else. “As. You. Wish.” she bit out between clenched teeth. ‘I hate you!’ she wanted to scream. ‘You’re not a mother! You’re a heartless, cold, unfeeling bitch from the human Hell!’


That night Emilie laid her head to rest in an unfamiliar home that was all her own. As soon as she had seen the home her mother – no not ‘mother’ but Andora- had purchased for her, everything felt much more right with the world.

Emilie resided in a cozy little house of her won with five bedrooms, and all of the necessities a proper home needed such as a kitchen dining room, sitting room, library, study,and each bedroom contained a private bath. ‘It’s enough that I could almost forgive Andora everything she has done to me.’ she thought to herself before drifting off to sleep.

Indeed, this rather beautifully made home was completely perfect, or would have been had it not been a hand-picked tomb for the young demoness.

That night, Andora sent a bird to deliver a message, which disintegrated two minutes after being read, to a band of reptilian creatures known as Kristhos who hunted rogue demons and demonesses. Never let it be said that they wouldn’t also hunt and kill non-rogue demonic beings just as quickly for the right price.

After little Emilie Dearling had fallen asleep that night, the band of Kristhos swept into the little manor, and preceded to rouse their prey.


‘Something is standing over me.’ Emilie thought to herself behind tightly closed eyes. Fear gripped her heart tightly and refused to let go.

“We know you are awake, little beauty. Open thosssssse eyessssss of yoursssss.” the creature hissed.

‘Obviously the leader,’ she thought to herself, ‘and if I open my eyes I have to face these creatures. Surely there are more than just the one who spoke. If my eyes stay closed, I am as good as dead anyway.’

Slowly, ever so slowly, Emilie opened her eyes, and what she saw was death personified. “Kristhos!” she gasped in complete terror.

“Indeed. We were sssssent here to complete a missssssion given to usssss by your very own mother.” the ugly creature spoke softly. “Never knew how beautiful you would be though. Not many demonsssss have blue eyesssss.” while saying this, the thing slithered over to gaze at her with a gleam in his eyes that spoke of hunger. Demons were a delicacy of sorts to the Kristhos.

“Hey, Bosssssss,” called one of the others that were surrounding Emilie’s bed, four in all, “why don’t we play with thissssssssss one a bit firssssssssst? Then we can eat her tasssssssssty flessssssssh.”

“What an ingeniussssssss idea!” the leader said in that eery voice that made all of the blood in her veins run cold. Then the four beings descended on the demoness all at once.


That next morning found a house filled with the green blood of demons coating everything in one of the bedrooms. Little Emilie Dearling had been ripped into nothing but muscle and scattered bones by the creatures that had visited her that night. Four bodies of Kristhos’ were found as well, and they were of a particular group that had taken to being mercenaries rather than picking off the creatures who went bad.

No one enters Dearling House out in the clearing anymore (either the one that is in the human or demon realm0), and the ones that do, end up as examples. Many a body had been found upon the lawn of that cursed house with letters carved into the dead’s flesh. Always the message was the same:

“Any who choose to enter,

Be aware that you are not alone in here. My spirit can not escape, and so now it is my turn to take.”


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