What Love Is…

What is love? This is a question life continually poses to everyone many times during their lives. Inexperienced people believe that love is the same thing as lust int that you have this inhuman attraction between the two of you for no reason. This is horribly incorrect. Love should feel as if it has always been there, but you only just realized it was there.

The person I love will know when to back off and let me cave in on myself for a little while before coming to help me put the pieces back together again. Love, for me, will happen when I meet that one person who will be perfectly fine with sitting quietly in a room reading with me until we are ready to do something else. We will be able to forget that another person is there long enough to drift off into the different lands of books, but also know (even if just in the back of our minds) that we are in the company of someone who is equally as entrenched in their reading as we are.

Someone learning to play any of the games that I enjoy, such as Dungeons & Dragons or Magic the Gathering, so that we can have discussion about which color combinations work best together (blue/ black!) that is what love is. Love is when you feel so comfortable with another person that you almost forget that there was ever a time when you were not together, because everything before that wasn’t nearly as comfortable as it is when in the presence of the one other person in the world who will be able to understand anything about you as a person.


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