Balicity, or Balicificiticity is this combination of completely random things that have all been meshed together. She started out as just some normal flying machine to get the characters of a story from point A to point B. Much growth came out of the character, and eventually she gained a dorsal fin. The fin was courtesy of a group of merfolk who had once owned her a long time ago. This was the least odd-looking modification.

Soon, she gained a new paint job from the LGBT group that inherited the spaceship known as Balicity. Now she sports a rather lovely rainbow-colored body. Definitely something that stands out from the other plain looking ships. Snake people were the next to have control of the aircraft, and decided to affix fangs to the front of the ship where they thought her mouth could possibly be. These snake-people tried to undo the random color, but were completely unsuccessful. After this group tired of her, a group of thespians came by and decided to use her to get to their competitions. When the group realized that there were all sorts of alterations made to the ship already, they decided to add something of their own. A magician was called in, and it was his job to make the ship able to sing show tunes with the people on board. Unfortunately for them, however, her voice was not at all beautiful, and rather ground on the nerves of everyone who was within a few hundred feet of her. Now she can sing entire conversations instead of just random show tunes, and she is completely obnoxious.

The greatest thing about Balicity is that she became something other people wanted to worship, despite the fact that she drove everyone else completely insane with her singing and perverted comments. Out of the blue, Balicitism became a rather popular religion with tons of people wanting to worship a crazy spaceship who sings! SINGS!!!!! In order to become a part of this religion, one must first bathe in the oil of Balicity, and then sing the song “Singing In The Rain” from the musical of the same name.

Balicity is real! At least, she is to me since I created her.


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