(This post was created using writing prompt #309 from creative writing

Alice tried to remember who had given her the key. All of the last few days seemed like a blank slate of anything but that she had maybe breathed every once in a while. This morning, when she had finally woken up, or at least she had finally remembered waking up, there was a rather odd looking key sitting on top of her chest, staring at her.

“It seems very familiar…” she said to herself as she turned the little brass object over in her hand again and again.

“Alice!” a voice called out, as the body of a small, middle-aged woman came through the bedroom door. “Time to get ready to start the day, lazy bones! You were gone to that friend of yours for so long that everything has begun to pile up. Get up and start your chores!” that woman would be Alice’s aunt Mildred who she had lived with since her parents’ death years ago. This woman was part of the reason Alice never appreciated the real world for what it was. Mildred hadn’t cared that her own brother and sister-in-law had been killed in a greedy fire that had nearly claimed Alice’s life as well.

Dreams were much more interesting to Alice when her real life was severely lacking in many respects. In dreams she could do anything she wanted, and everyone thought she was important, she was the heroine in her dreams. Dreams, however, were just that, dreams, and regardless of how much she liked the real world or not she was stuck there. With that in mind, Alice got out of bed knowing that if she refused it would create more problems than solutions where her aunt was concerned.

Alice washed her face and arms in the small basin that sat in the corner of her room, and began gathering her usual day clothes. The key caught her attention again as it gleamed at her from the night stand where she had decided to place it, and when she picked it up again she marveled at how familiar the weight of it was, almost like it was something she had grown attached to, even if she couldn’t remember anything about it.

‘I guess I’ll figure it out eventually…’ she shrugged, and threaded the ornate key on a length of simple black ribbon before tying it about her neck. Once dressed in her usual style of a bright blue dress, white pinafore, and black shoes, she left to begin her chores. The little brass key accented her bright golden blonde hair making both of them shine even brighter in the sunlight. Alice decided that the mystery of the key would prove its meaning eventally, and thus left it to her mind’s vivid imagination to dream up reasons why.

Outside the window of Alice’s bedroom, a striped cat of an unusual color combination –black and purple– slowly vanished stripe by stripe. “I shall see you soon Alice, Wonderland will soon need your help again…” his voice drifted off into the breeze, and the cat was completely gone. He would be back; he always came back when Alice was needed.


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