Life Is Strange

I gaze outside of the hibachi restaurant I sit in, and see so many lights beyond the window, but most of them are probably just reflections from the lamps shining in here. I can’t help but feel isolated within my own mind around here.


Honestly, how can you talk to someone who isn’t here without looking like a freak in front of all these who sit around silently judging me while seeming to mind their own business? You can’t. He’s not here. I wanted someone else to talk to tonight, but it doesn’t seem like it will happen. Sometimes I want to believe that a significant other is sitting across from me, but then I glance up and realize I am all alone.

The people here seem nice, but the lights keep capturing my attention. It’s interesting how so many of them can reflect like that and look like a thousand beautiful stars. Like there is something more out there than just a day to day life as a college student just trying to get a good education and fulfill her dreams. It makes my world seem less vacant, and more like there is a reason the universe wants me to be unattached right now.

“Would you like some more sweet tea?” the waitress asks me.

“No, I think this will do for now.” I reply. How odd that I can feel so far away, yet I still am seen as a corporeal being worth acknowledging. Life is strange.


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