“My lord, we will kill whoever has committed this atrocity.” these were the words that I overheard one of the Azorius guards speaking from the throne room that I had hidden myself within. ‘These idiots will never think to look in the most obvious place with in the room. They believe they are the ultimate power among those of us who reside within the city of Ravnica. Come to think of it though, almost every one of the ten guilds happen to believe that they are the supreme leaders of the world we live in.’

After obtaining the item I had been sent into the stronghold of the Azorius guild to retrieve, the Azorius Signet, I was forced into hiding. Nothing better than to bask within the chaos created from my actions. The group of people that I am watching at this moment are those who see themselves as the supreme judges of all of us, and many of us in the House of Dimir believe that they are full of themselves. Not that we would have had to think very hard to come to that conclusion. It was my mission to come and steal something that they valued, and so I chose the symbol of their power… their signet. There was power coursing through the object I held, and I knew that this would send all of these people into a frenzy. I am glad to see that I was right.

“You had better, or you usefulness will have played out to it’s limit.” Augustin IV commanded to the faceless guard that stood before him. I almost wished that I could see what the leader of this guild would consider a punishment. Making the guilds fall would be that much easier to make a reality. The House of Dimir will one day rule the world of Ravnica. And I was one of the people who were going to help our guild get to that point.

Augustin and his guard parted ways, and I sneaked around the suit of armor in a corner that I had decided to slide behind. ‘Too easy,’ I was thinking to myself as I stealthily ghosted my way out of the castle-like building and down the street towards the tunnels that housed my home, Dimir. The smirk I had on my face was one that probably looked like that of a shark which had finally found the prey it wished most to devour. Azorius was going to fall, and Szadek would be able to make sure it happened now that I held an object of power from that guild.


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