I haven’t really been interested in a video game in a very long while, but last Thursday I bought Bastion on Steam, the program for PC gaming. Bastion was something that I had heard of a while back but didn’t want to spend the extra money to buy, though now I am so glad that it was on sale or else I never would have had this amazing gaming experience.

I am a RPG, or Role Playing Game, gamer and this makes finding decent video games exceedingly hard nowadays since everything has switched to shooter games like Black Ops or Halo whatever # that is up to now. Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts were the last series of games that I delved into, and I never even played the more recent versions of either of the two series. I like to play games for the story lines rather than just what I can beat the hell out of. Mortal Kombat was never really a game for me when I was growing up. Maybe that is just the writer in me…. I like to play things with a story line that is similar to something that I could have possibly written myself. I love fantasy games.

Bastion as a game was beautifully crafted, and the soundtrack is to die for. I never thought that I could love every track a game had on it until I heard this one, and all of the game play is simple to learn, but also complex in that you have to understand what to do next, and how to level each of your weapons to best suit what you as a gamer enjoy. I personally liked using a melee weapon and a ranged weapon so that I could aim either close or far away.

The story line was something that began as a very simple construct with an apocalypse, and then went off into finding out why this apocalypse happened since it was government orchestrated. I particularly enjoyed the fact that everything was narrated by one of the characters that you actually didn’t spend a whole lot of time with in the overwhelming majority of the game. By the end of the game you have become so enthralled by everything around you that it seems as if you have only been playing for an hour at most and an


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