Free Write

There are a ton of things that have been going wrong, and they just seem to be getting increasingly worse by the second. Tonight I am sleeping over at my grandmother’s house because we have no running water. I feel like there should be a joke in there somewhere, but I’m not quite sure where or what it would be. Anyway, my idiot of  a sibling has decided that he finally needed to get his ass back home to Georgia from Florida after spending the money my mother had originally given him to get back home. He now owes me 70 dollars for having to wire the little jerk money in order to get himself back up here. Brothers can be a complete pain sometimes. He was down there because his girlfriend lives down there and she is starting to jump his case about every little thing that happens between them, and he just needs to get back up here before they have a full-out fight and end up beating the heck out of each other. My brother’s problem is that he smothers his girlfriends until they go insane from having him around constantly. I know that other girls know the sort of relationship I am talking about, because I know that I can’t stand it when a guy doesn’t have his own identity and has to be around me all of the time or die from not knowing what to do. Regardless of all that though, Thursday evening my water pipes started to make weird noises, and so I just left it alone until the next day when I went to go take a shower that night (I had a hair appointment then next morning) and things started making a gurgling noise, things being the sink and the toilet. I went and flushed it wondering if it would do anything since the water seemed to be rising in it… I ended up having to mop the floor because it overflowed…. Go me. After I had cleaned everything up I went to go do some laundry that I had planned to do before, and something even more strange happened…. The washing machine drained the water out into my mom’s bathtub. When the tub began to drain we had to mop up the floor because some how it leaked out onto the floor into a big puddle. Yay for messed up things. Now I am laying on this super uncomfortable bed, because I have to have a shower tomorrow and this is the closest place with one. To top off everything that has been going on though, I missed an exam. My Ed. Psych class had an exam that was due possibly Friday or Saturday… I got an email today from my professor asking me where my exam was, and I had to explain that I had completely forgotten about it because of all the crazy things that have been going on…. I am now facing the fact that I may have to drop the class since I missed an exam, and we really don’t have but 2 more grades in the class….. Life is just wanting to give me the middle finger right now I guess.


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