I stare out at all the creatures within this ragged little bar, and think to myself, How can they even begin to understand that there is more out there than what they could possibly imagine? The humans with their hearts full of greed, and their bodies vibrating with lust. It disgusts me that they could care so little for anything other than themselves. We are out here busting our asses every day to make sure that they can live their sheltered little lives.

If someone were to look at me all they would see was another woman sitting a bar looking around for someone to go home with, but what they don’t understand is that I am looking for a creature that would kill all of them, a succubus. Of all the demons I have come across in my years these are the ones that can do the most damage to a human. Succubi feed on the feelings of lust, and when humans have enough alcohol in their systems they are out for anything that will make them feel good. Sex is always at the top of that list.

“Oh my, my, my, what have we here?” a voice sounded from behind me.

“Someone that you should be very afraid of angering with your palaver.” my voice that of a snake preparing to strike as I turned around to face the mortal male.

“Mmmmm. Kitty has claws I see,” he replied while eying my dark clad body. I was in my usual black mini-skirt, tank top, and trench coat. Never had a met such a strange culture of people who found such off-putting clothes so appealing. “And you have such an erotic accent…” he leaned in as close as the bar stool I sat on would allow him to. “I would be willing to bet that my name would sound sexy if you were, should we say, to scream it as you experienced the greatest–” At that point he could no longer speak as I was crushing his testicles with my hand.

“I shall give you one warning, and only one. Never touch me again, or these,” I squeezed as hard as I was willing to, “will never again be functional.” I released his sac and turned back to the bar. Lustful neanderthals.

As soon as I resumed my scan of the bar I noticed a rather ethereal creature enter, my target. Succubi take the shape of whatever sex is most appealing to their chosen target, and this time the form was that of a very handsome male human. Or what appeared to be a human. It’s funny how easy it is to spot these fuckers, because they are just as oblivious to the fact that something dangerous is around as the humans.

The succubus wandered over to the bar, and preceded to look around for it’s first target. As soon as it had chosen a rather drunk girl who was dancing in a rather promiscuous fashion with every other member of the opposite sex. My job was about to start, and it would end much like every other one had before it, easy capture and then back to my own plane of existence where my kind would be waiting. Not that I appreciated the likes of them any better than I did the humans. 

I stood up from my stool, and walked over to a corner near the dance floor, easing my gun out along the way. When I stood there watching the two dance to the horrid music I couldn’t help the loneliness that suddenly blossomed in my heart, or rather that black hole where it had once been. Enough of this self-pity, get the job done and hurry your ass back home. You would even be having these problems if you just get this job over with as quickly as possible.

Suddenly, the lights went off, and that was my cue to get everything done as fast as I could. One shot rang out, and then another. Before the humans could even understand what had happened to the beautiful man and the woman who was dressed as if she were going to a funeral, I had captured my target and we had already passed through a portal to the Sectors, the demon realm we both lived in.

After arriving, I released the vile creature who still resembled a human male, and ventured back to my lonely home. My name is Lenexa the Demon-Huntress, and this is what I am forced to repeat every day of my life. 


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