Thank you

So I obviously took a long break from posting on here, and for that all I have to say is…. Life gets in the way sometimes of things that we want to do. Writing is my life, and this blog should be a reflection of that, but instead I think it is just as much a reflection of what my life has been like for the past few weeks… It has been hard to have any time to myself to even think up new ideas about pieces that I want to write. First, I got discouraged, because the first thing that I have ever thought was actually half-way decent was rejected by the school literary magazine; my pride took a serious blow. Outside of that I have just had a feeling of not being good enough at anything I am doing. Being a writer has the serious disadvantage of having that little voice in the back of your mind constantly saying ‘you’re not good enough’. I am over that, and if I can’t control every aspect of my life as I wish I could then I can at least control my writing by posting on here more frequently. Thank you all for sticking by me while I went through this time, you are all so lovely!


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