Burnt Home/Scorched Earth

You ask where I am from.

People always want to know.

It’s like where I am from

dictates who I am.

Maybe you’re right.

For me though

it means so much more:

I am from Cartersville, Georgia.

No, I’m not surprised

you don’t know where that is.

But that isn’t important.


I am living in a ghost town.

The ruins of Cassville

that Sherman burnt down surround me.

The place I call home

is scorched

with memories of lives lost.


I am from a marriage

that burnt down

long before I ever saw life.

I am from a family

that only acknowledges one side.

My cousins

do not know me–

I do not know them.


I am from the Earth

made to look like a walking canvas

of all the years passed.

Scorched earth

teeming with new life.

Ready to embrace

the new experiences

presented before me.